Types of Hearing Aids

What are the best hearing aids for industrial deafness sufferers?

People suffering industrial deafness complain of the following problems:

  • Missing conversation in background noise;
  • Confusion about where sounds are coming from;
  • People seem like they mumble or speak in a softer voice;
  • Difficulty hearing speech coming from the television and require the volume to be turned up above a normal listening level;
  • Difficulty understanding speech through the telephone clearly;
  • Missing the telephone or doorbell ring;
  • A ringing or buzzing sound in the ears (Tinnitus)

Therefore a digital hearing aid which has the capabilities to reduce the effects of background noise and increase the clarity of speech from the telephone, television, radio or in person is extremely important. There is a wide variety of hearing aids available to people suffering industrial deafness and our trained professionals can assist in providing you with the hearing aid that best matches your lifestyle and hearing needs.

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