First Time Wearers Guide

Once you have been fitted with your new hearing aids it is important that you take the time to adjust to the different listening situations you will encounter in the initial stages of wearing your hearing aids.

Every individual adjusts differently to hearing aids and it is very important for you to remember that some people move at a slower pace adjusting to their hearing aids and some people move at a faster pace. Just move at a pace with which you feel comfortable.

If you have never had hearing aids before then your hearing needs to be retrained to recognise speech sounds at an amplified ‘normal’ level again which can take time.


Your brain will need to adapt to the many sounds it will now be hearing, and to sort out noise from useful information. This can take time and occasionally cause headaches if you “over do it”.

The key to getting the most out of your hearing aids is to practice and apply patience. Infrequent use can lead to dissatisfaction and frustration. So stay positive!

WEEK 1 [2 – 5 Hours per day]

  • Start with a comfortable volume level at home only.
  • Watch television with your spouse/partner/friend and ask them to turn the TV to their comfortable level.
  • Walk around the house listening to different sounds (the toilet flushing, the light switch turning on/off, the sound of your feet on the floor). This will retrain your hearing to distinguish useful sounds from noise.

WEEK 2 [5 – 8 hours per day]

  • Take a walk around the garden and your neighbourhood, identifying sounds along the way, go to your local shop/newsagent, listening and adapting to new sounds all the time, once again training your brain to recognise useful sounds from extraneous outdoor noise.
  • Speak to someone in a quiet environment with a radio/TV on in the background.
  • Have dinner with family or friends (4-6 people), with whom you feel comfortable (any difficulties should be noted and discussed with your audiologist).

WEEK 3 [8 – 10 Hours per day]

  • As you feel more confident, wear the hearing aids in the shopping centre, driving the car and when there are small groups of people, say, 4-6 people in a group.

WEEK 4 [10 hours +]

  • Continue to wear the hearing aids at home in quiet and when there is background noise, i.e. dishes, TV, radio, groups of people.
  • Increase the number of hours you wear the hearing aids away from the house, such as at social gatherings in restaurants, family occasions and shopping. Ultimately you should be able to wear your hearing aids in all the situations where you feel they are required, so be sure to practice and follow the above guideline so that you adapt to the hearing aids. The advantage of this is you will then be familiar and accustomed to the hearing aid’s sound and operation when you are in difficult listening environments.
  • Remember – Stay positive

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