Industrial Deafness Services

Freedom Hearing specialises in assisting sufferers of industrial deafness.


Hearing Tests

Freedom Hearing offers free hearing tests to people that have been exposed to excessive noise. We also offer free hearing tests to Veterans and Pensioners.


Veterans & Pensioners

Freedom Hearing provides services to a wide range of the public. This scheme allows for those eligible to receive many hearing related services at no cost.


Loss & Hearing Aids

Freedom Hearing provides the most technologically advanced hearing devices to assist industrial deafness sufferers with their hearing amongst background noise.


Industrial deafness is a serious condition usually brought on through noisy working conditions resulting in deterioration of hearing. You can still claim as it does not matter how long ago you finished working.

Therefore, you may be entitled to compensation which is calculated on the amount of hearing loss suffered and digital hearing aids. Let our services be the first step you take to bring some normalcy back into your life.

The Symptoms

Noise induced deafness is actually more common than you may think. This is particularly true for people working in factories, local government, as well as the construction and transportation industries. We provide advice, support and even can refer you to lawyers who specialise in industrial deafness compensation claims.

Symptoms can include anything from a ringing sensation to being unable to hear the telephone or the doorbell. If you find yourself asking people to speak up more often or even having the TV excessively loud, you may be suffering from some form of industrial hearing loss.

The seriousness of the condition can only be determined by participating in a free hearing test, which can be booked online.

Here to Help

We assist thousands of people with their industrial deafness compensation claims and assessments. If you have ever been exposed to excessive amounts of noise within the workplace, then it’s worth having a hearing test to determine the degree of any damage.

If you think you are suffering from symptoms of industrial deafness, please register online to book in a free hearing test. Alternatively, you may contact one of our local centres or our head office on 1300 689 085 to find out more about the services we provide.